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Oscar Peter Gomez
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My life as Oscar Peter Gomez

"Men fear witches because they take their power from the earth without poisoning the soil."
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I just read the introduction to one of the readings for my Anthro Class, and it reminded me of the readings I would usually due for my Ethnic Studies classes, and so I checked how much I had to read to brace myself, and it’s only 7 pages, like this is so beautiful, at UCSD we would have readings literally 50 pages long and only talk about a very specific part of the text.

But yeah, I can totally do this!

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jesus himself opened his tomb to create this 

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shit i am tired of



cis people get pronouns. trans people get preferred pronouns.

cis people get a gender. trans people get to identify as a gender.

these are microaggressions designed to undermine and invalidate who we know ourselves to be, and to reinforce the perceived inauthenticity of trans people.

this is always harmful, and for some, primarily trans feminine people and esp trans feminine poc, it can be dangerous or deadly.

Aaaaaand there’s something I hadn’t thought about, internalizing as of now.

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!!!This looks like my cat! Her name is Lady! :)))

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This looks like my cat! Her name is Lady! :)))

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Lykke Li - I’m Good, I’m Gone 

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cuando la mamá de tu amig@ te comienza a hacer preguntas personales: “mi mami dice que tengo que ir a la casa…ahorita…inmediatamente.”


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Cakes da Killa - Goodie Goodies

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Arctic Monkeys - Baby I’m Yours

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how does something this small even exist? is this a pig molecule? i need to lay down a while


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